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Been using BeardLove products since before it was BeardLove and really like what it has done for my beard. I recommend this to anyone who has any facial hair at all, totally changes the feel from the first time you use it, and don't get me started on all the great scents!

Rob Riley

Kaleb Woods

I've tried a few oils before and wasn't impressed so just quit using them before discovering BeardLove. This product is amazing and wonderful. I've noticed so much extra growth and thickness in my beard since using it. Big thanks to Jake and Stephanie for this wonderful product. BeardLove, it's like drugs for your beard!!

Dope product my beard and wife thank you! Love all of the different scents!

Chance Fultner

James Curry

"I was just recently introduced to the Beard & Face Wash. I've always just used shampoo and never thought about any difference until I used it. After the first wash, I could feel the difference. Not only did it feel better to the touch, but also how it felt on my face. Much lighter. Not only does your beard feel & smell better, but my bathroom smelled like the Blithe (creamsickle) scent! Followed the wash up with the Blithe conditioning oil for two weeks straight. The difference is astonishing to me! Can't say enough about these two awesome products. The Blithe scent is definitely a game winner!"

"Seriously the best beard products I've ever used, and you can almost immediately tell the difference after the first use..."

Matt Pudlowski

Jesse Jenkins

These are really great products. Some of the best scents to hit your nose. I will definitely buy more of their stuff.

Made the switch from diy to BeardLove. I am overly satisfied with BeardLove product. LOVE YOUR BEARD

Brandon Longo