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Citrus, Coriander, Lavender, Amber, Leather and Woods

The perfect combination of brass and class. You stand up for what's right and look good doing it.

*Cologne compatible!*

Wear with Diesel's "Only the Brave" and other similar fragrances!

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Conifers and wood smoke.

Chilly nights, a six pack and a few good friends gathered around a pine log fire. Life is good!

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Leather, Rare Grasses and Patchouli.

Everyone has their grind. You work hard and take charge. Solid and capable, no one does it better than you!

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Record Store

Nag Champa

Time machine in a bottle. Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of browsing a record store will recognize this scent. Great for hippies and hipsters alike!

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Lavender, Coriander, Jasmine, Oakmoss, Musk, Sandalwood, Cedar

Fresh, clean and confident.

*Cologne compatible!*

Wear with Davidoff's "Cool Water" and other similar fragrances!

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Smooth Colombian Coffee

Wake up and smell your beard! 

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Peppermint, citrus and sharp berries.

A journey for the senses! Invigorating peppermint gives way to sweet, smooth orange punctuated by sharply scented evergreen berries.

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The scent of a sunlit evergreen forest.

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Desert Lavender and Sweet Citrus

Energizing sunlight with a calm mind- you’ve got this!

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Orange cream-sickle.

The quintessential summer scent of boyhood- push pops!... minus the sticky mess.

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Juniper and orange essence.

A mercurial mix of bright oranges and clean juniper.

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Daddy's Home

Comforting lavender and warm vanilla.

After a long hard workday, you walk through your front door, kick off your boots and leave the world behind. A hello kiss from your lady and the thunder of little feet coming to greet you with ear to ear grins. It’s time to relax- Daddy’s home.

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Rich hardwoods.

You take pride in yourself and your appearance- and your beard shows it. It looks- and smells- expensive. 

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Bamboo and Tea.

For the man with experience, but isn’t worldly. Simplicity of movement, a calm heart, patience and intellect encompassed in one being.

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Fragrance Free

For those who have very sensitive skin or want to cleanse and condition without

clashing with an incompatible cologne.

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Ever wonder what Santa's beard smells like? That's right- newly cut trees and freshly fallen snow!

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Vanilla and Peppermint.

Warms and invigorates… and let’s be honest, what lady doesn’t like a warm snuggly beard and fresh peppermint kisses?

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